Interview with Elysia Crampton

Adam Harper, the administrator for Hearing Landscape Critically (that’s me!) recently put an interview with composer Elysia Crampton up on his blog – click here to read it. Her work explores landscapes of the Americas and their colonial histories. As she says:

when i think of geography, i think of all the things that cling to/ define a body as it moves through space or manifests a locality, toward/ away from something else, where and what it was or couldn’t be. we carry whatever was thrown onto us at birth– things clutter, signalling divergent, sometimes contradictory messages, changing with each new environment we find ourselves in. i live as the embodiment of a continued dreaming by my ancestors– progenitors of stone, chemical, single-celled and zooidic forebearers, to my native family under the enslavement of the inca and then the spanish, to my mother arriving in the US as a child, unable to speak english at a school in Barstow, California. my desires quantize into the detrital unmooring that is Americanness.

Listen to ‘Wing’ from her recent release American Drift below:


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